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Tactics, Optimisations & Iteration!

Great strategy is useless without exceptional execution. Taking a deep dive into the marketing tools available to create highly optimised campaigns requires a skilled hand.

Whether you are looking for someone to manage and optimise your adwords account, create kick-ass content or drive sales through social, I can help.

Execute, Optimise, Iterate.

Managing Adwords

As a Google certified practitioner and experience digital marketer, I can create or manage a Google Adwords presence to ensure you and your clients are getting the best ROI they can. This could include keyword research and optimisation, RLSA implementation, ad creation and account organisation.

Paid, Organic & Community Management

Ensuring your social presence is active and engaging is one of the most important undertakings for any brand. I can work with you to create a content schedule, streamline posting and implement a response map to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your community management and customer service.

I can also look to refine or create a paid social media strategy so you can start to see increased reach and engagement and even drive sales/leads directly from social media.

Talking To Your Customer Directly

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing tools available to brands. Whether you already have a database or are looking to grow one, I can help to implement an email marketing plan as well as creating automated workflows to nurture your customer at scale without longterm resource requirement.

With experience across Campaign Monitor, MailChimp and GetResponse amongst others, I can manage email marketing campaigns for any client on any system.

Long Term Thinking

Content marketing is an often misunderstood aspect of digital marketing. Many people look at it as a replacement for your current marketing plan, but it is in fact, an additional tool you can use to add real value to your consumers.

If you are looking to create long-term, high-value relationships with your users, generate leads and optimise your current content marketing strategy, get in touch.

Increase Your Rank

Having organic traffic to your website is every marketer’s dream. There is an old adage that says “If you want to hide a body, the best place to do it is on page 2 of Google search results”.

With my technical knowledge and copywriting skills, I can help you to optimise your website presence based on research to ensure you are ranking for high-value keywords and getting the organic traffic you need.

Struggling With Resource or Results?

If you are dealing with a flurry of new clients or simply want to give your current team some support, get in touch to see how I can help you with a wide range of digital marketing tactics.

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