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The Search for Truth in Advertising

Advertising has a long and complex history fraught with lies and deceit. This includes everything from miracle drugs that promised to cure cancer, through to cigarettes that help sufferers of asthma and hay fever.

My goal as a digital marketing strategist in Birmingham is to represent the industry I am so passionate about with transparency and truth. I look to achieve my clients business goals by getting to the very essence of what they stand for and creating impactful messaging combined with results driven digital strategies.

I have been a hands on digital marketer from the very beginning working across a wide range of digital tactics including; social media, PPC, display, remarketing, content, community management, email and automation.

In addition to my marketing expertise, I have also developed a variety of technical skills managing a full stack development team. This includes managing and executing various user experience projects, technical requirements gathering and the management of complex internal and outsourced system and web builds. All of the above have driven me to learn basic coding skills across HTML, CSS and PHP.

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