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Looking for help with Ecommerce Marketing Strategies?

Creating The Framework

Are you looking to streamline your digital marketing by implementing a proven digital marketing framework? Using my proprietary SCALE framework, I can work with you (or your clients) to organise your digital marketing and ensure you are communicating with your customers in the right place, at the right time.

Making The Strategy Work.

If your strategy is set, or your marketing is already in progress, you may just need help to refine your tactics and increase the performance of your current tactics. Don’t worry… I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty and jump into AdWords, Facebook, campaign monitor or any of your other tools to help optimize and execute on your strategy helping you to achieve your overall business goals.

It’s More Than Just A Project

Have more projects and clients than you can keep track of? Although that’s a nice problem to have, getting help to organise your projects and team can help you to increase your profit margin and increase efficiencies. This is more than project management, it’s a set of business solution that can put your projects on rails and have them running smoothly even when our contract is finished.

Keeping Your Clients Happy

Having someone in your team that know’s how to work with tier one clients and also the strategic knowledge to expand your accounts in an invaluable resource. Having worked with some of the most established brands in the world, I can help you to increase the happiness of your clients and increase the revenue of your business.

Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi…You’re My Only Hope

OK…I’m not a Jedi but I am an experienced Head of Digital who has worked with clients such as ATS Euromaster, Heineken, Jaguar Landrover & Puma. If you need someone who can help you build your team, refine your digital offering both strategically and operationally and work directly with your clients, then I can help.

My Approach

Advertising is about telling stories. I tell brand stories through digital means using a variety of tactics including social media, PPC, remarketing, email, SEO, content and much more. Getting to the very essence of a brand’s values and bringing experts together to execute results driven campaigns is where I add value. Want to hear more about my work? Get in touch – [email protected]

proudly worked with

Throughout my career I have worked in a variety of roles; Account manager/director, project manager, marketing manager and consultant all the way through to my current role as head of digital where I oversee the strategic direction of all client accounts across digital and development. Here are just some of the clients I have had the opportunity to work with.

over 16,000 hours of experience

Working in digital since 2009 starting out as an acceptance tester before moving through a variety of marketing and client management roles including building my own design and development business. This equates to over 16,000 hours of in work experience, not to mention all of the extra hours spent developing my skills outside of the office.

work experience

July 2019 — today

Marketing Director – Eastside Co

Dec 2017 — July 2019

Freelance Digital Strategist

Jan 2016 — Dec 2017

Head of Digital – Bareface

Jun 2014 — Dec 2015

Digital Strategist/PM – Inspired Thinking Group

May 2013 — Jun 2014

Digital AM – Cogent Elliott

Aug 2012 — Dec 2015

Founder – L’Coco Designs Ltd

Aug 2011 — Aug 2012

Digital Product Manager – Corporate Rewards

Feb 2011 — Aug 2011

Digital Marketing Exec – P&MM

Aug 2009 — Feb 2011

Business Acceptance Tester – TUI

[email protected]

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